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Limestone Concrete Panels System

Limestone is an ingenious assembly system for architectural concrete panels. The panels are precast at the plant according to a precise blueprint. Each panel is a one-piece, 6 inch thick wall of concrete 40 Mpa. Our formwork technique allows for great size precision. In addition, this system’s great flexibility enables us to design customized buildings, making each project timeless and unique. House, condo, commercial building or hotel – Limestone makes it all possible.

VideoLimestone System Demonstration

Inside the panels, a reinforcement of Canadian steel grade 400 MPa is mounted according to an engineer’s specifications. Everything is precast at the plant: standard products as in the case of a house construction project or special products designed with data provided by a professional. This guarantees rigorous inspection and control, optimizing product quality.

2-storey type cross-section wall diagramDownload 2-storey type cross-section
wall diagram in PDF

Moreover, the Limestone panels have been tested by an independent laboratory to ensure their durability. The tests were done to measure quality over the product’s lifespan. They simulated the effects of freeze-thaw cycles, erosion and acid rains over a 25-years lifespan. The results were more than satisfactory and in fact, surpassed the mandatory standards. With time, the surface’s finish develops a patina and matures in colour for a more natural appearance. For all these reasons, we are convinced that this product is made to last. You can request a look at our sample to examine the finish for yourselves.

Our sturdy Limestone panels are also used in the perimeter structure of buildings three- or in some cases four-storeys high. The system relies on special wall brackets to support the floors and roof. Brackets are custom-made, according to the joists and rafters’ supplier’s specifications.

The Limestone system allows for on-site high quality insulation. First, the perimeter panels are installed, then a 2” x 4” wood or light steel stud is set 3” behind the panels (see 2-storey type cross-section wall diagram document). This three-inch-wide space is then filled with 4” of spray polyurethane foam, for a R27 insulation value. The process guarantees an even, 100% efficient insulation, preventing thermal bridging or heat loss.

Limestone products are known for fast installation, quality of materials and the great energy-saving performance of the final product. Our fabrication method’s great flexibility makes for unique and bold designs at competitive prices. For European-inspired or contemporary style, Avac Beton’s distinctive trademark is a must!