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Pre-Construction Steps

1. Meeting with the Avac Beton Team

This first meeting is crucial. It helps you better understand the system itself and its advantages. You will leave better equipped to begin the design process.

2. Design

This step is most successful in partnership with an architect or drafter experienced with the Limestone system. The resulting blueprint includes all the details of the entire construction project. This is when you need to give some thought to your indoor and outdoor architectural layout. The blueprint is designed according to your construction budget. It also needs to abide by the applicable municipal by-laws. If desired, Avac Beton can assist you through this crucial step and help design your outdoor architecture.

3. Estimates

With your blueprint, you can now ask for cost estimates on the different parts of the house, including a Limestone panels’ estimate from Avac Beton. We can also recommend trustworthy suppliers with whom we have had good experiences in the past. It’s all up to you.

4. Permits

Before construction can begin, you need to obtain the applicable municipal building permits. Delays for permit delivery can vary in each municipality.

5. Orders

After receiving confirmation of your permit’s issuance, now comes the time to order with your different suppliers, including Avac Beton. You also need to select and authorize a general contractor and/or project manager. At the time of order, we will confirm your selection of trims, accessories, colours and location of outdoor electrical outlets.

6. Precasting

Now is the real start of your project! The various suppliers precast the pieces ordered. Avac Beton works hard in your behalf at that time. Each concrete panel needed for your project is reproduced in shop drawings and then professionally cast in our plant. We also coordinate between the various suppliers: doors and windows, rafters and joists, contractors, etc.

On-site construction steps