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The Latest Avac Beton Success: The I-Brid System

Published on February 13th, 2014

We have designed a brand new system allowing for maximized prefabrication. The I-Brid composite panel combines a light steel structure to an exterior architectural concrete finishing only 2″ thick. The structure is then insulated at the plant with 4″ of spray polyurethane foam. This method greatly reduces the on-site installation time and is 25% cheaper than the traditional building technique. With this new method, we even offer optional doors and windows installation at the plant.

Created especially for our North American climate, without thermal bridge, the I-Brid System is wildly popular! Although designed for bigger buildings, the I-Brid System is versatile and can be adjusted to your needs.

Learn more about the many advantages of our brand new system by visiting the I-Brid System section of the website.