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Avac Beton was founded by Alain Brouillard and his wife Christiane in April 1981. The company started operating in the field of residential construction. At the time, fieldstone was especially fashionable, so the company specialized in precast concrete panels with fieldstone facing. Soon after, the real estate market went through an economic downturn. A range of products for civil engineering projects was then developed. The company quickly gained valuable expertise in a wide range of structural designs, becoming a leader in the field. Several projects of shielding panels along highways, railways or canals for stream bank protection were successfully completed.

Shielding panels along highways and railways.Shielding panels along highways and railways.

It was in 1992 that the idea of prefabricated architectural panels in the residential construction field was considered once again.  Only in April 1997, after 5 years of research and development, was the first prototype used on a pilot study. The first models of concrete panels were used on a house construction project. The market’s enthusiastic response to this new technique was overwhelming! Potential buyers appreciated both the strength and beauty of the concept. A new department specializing in residential construction was created, quickly gaining ground. This department evolved to become the company’s main product.

With an innovative spirit and ambition to be at the leading-edge of technology, Alain and his team devote time and effort to research and development in order to create a better product, improve its performance and assembly techniques on-site.

Today, Avac Beton specializes in producing residential or commercial precast architectural panels. To date, 400 units have been built, including many hotels, condos and residences everywhere in Quebec and Ontario. Our solid construction expertise is at your service!