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Avac Beton manufactures precast concrete panels for residential dwellings or other types of projects.


Whether intended for a house, condo, commercial building or hotel, our concrete panels are sturdy, durable and architecturally designed.

From the onset of the project, even before the design phase, we will be with you every step of the way. Our creative team is attentive to your needs and budget expectations.

With 35 years of building over 400 units you can rely on our knowledge and experience!

News and Ongoing Projects

Avac Béton prefabricate concrete stairs

Published on May 31st, 2017

  • We produce a maximum of 22 flight of stairs.
  • Our formwork system allows the adjustment of the risers without lengthening the flight.
  • Different types of starts and ends, depending on the engineering attachment desired.
  • Several types of non-slip strips and colors are available.

In 2017, Avac Béton begins its year with two magnificient projets

Published on December 19th, 2016

Avac Béton begins its year with two magnificient projets.


Located in Waterloo, Eastern Townships. This projet of 160 homes, will offer buyers 4 styles of seaside design properties.

Officiel launch in February !


Located in Pointes-aux-Trembles. This large scale projet of 216 condos, will offer its occupants the opportunity to see the horizon, thanks to the roof top sky lounge.

Life in panoramic !

The Lux-en-Bourg: Beauty, Greatness and Performance

Published on November 24th, 2014

The Lux-en-Bourg Project in Quebec City was completed on schedule last July by Logisbourg, building contractor and owner of the facility. This five-storeys building uses our I-Brid system combined to a precast hollow core slab structure set over precast concrete columns and the ingenious DELTABEAM Peikko System. Avac Beton also provided the freestanding balconies, adding some chic to this great building designed by Fugere Architectes.

Clients and residents of the building expressed great satisfaction with the energy efficiency and soundproofing capabilities of the I-Brid System.

Located at the junction of Highway 73 with Highway 40, it is definitely worth a second look!

The Latest Avac Beton Success: The I-Brid System

Published on February 13th, 2014

We have designed a brand new system allowing for maximized prefabrication. The I-Brid composite panel combines a light steel structure to an exterior architectural concrete finishing only 2" thick. The structure is then insulated at the plant with 4" of spray polyurethane foam. This method greatly reduces the on-site installation time and is 25% cheaper than the traditional building technique. With this new method, we even offer optional doors and windows installation at the plant.

Created especially for our North American climate, without thermal bridge, the I-Brid System is wildly popular! Although designed for bigger buildings, the I-Brid System is versatile and can be adjusted to your needs.

Learn more about the many advantages of our brand new system by visiting the I-Brid System section of the website.

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Seeing is believing!

Avac Béton's Limestone system: a sophisticated signature, built in the blink of an eye!

I-Brid System Demonstration

Welcome to Avac Beton's I-Brid System. This composite system of concrete and light steel exceeds the energy efficiency standards of the 2005 Quebec Building Code. I-Brid is designed to adapt to your preferences and to any flooring and roofing system. Whether for freestanding or wall bearing structures, I-Brid is your solution!

Other advantages of our I-Brid System:

  • Prefabrication generates savings of up to 25% compared with the cost of traditional masonry.
  • We use high density water repellent reinforced concreted 40 MPa.
  • Pultrall fibreglass reinforcement and galvanized wire mesh are set to prevent cracking and corrosion.
  • Concrete siding is anchored to structural steel stud walls, without thermal bridge.
  • Our composite panels avoid the need for loadbearing lintels, scaffoldings and platforms.

Read more on the advantages and technical characteristics by visiting the I-Brid System section of the website.

Limestone System Demonstration

Welcome to Avac Beton's Limestone System. Concrete panels make up both the structure and architecture of this system. The panels are precast at the plant according your personal selection of colours and accessories.

Advantages of the Limestone System:

  • Cost-competitive with masonry
  • Versatility
  • Tested Strength
  • High Quality
  • R27 Insulation Value; 100% efficiency, no thermal bridge, no condensation, no fungus
  • Fast Installation
  • Superior Sound-Proofing
  • Durability without Maintenance
  • Very Energy-efficient

Learn more about the advantages and the construction steps by visiting the Limestone System section of the website.

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